With Melanie Scott Dockery

Painting Machine

"I paint better than you so give me your paper/canvas and I will paint it."
-Inviting people to bring their own surface for DRIP-EX to paint.

Exism: Exing out the history of human painting, drip by drip I express
the existential…excluding the human.

The mighty DRIP-EX squeezes the most out of paint.

All other forms are exhausted. Drips reflect the nature of gravity, of
the universe.

Extreme painter of the existential, excluding the human.

What creators?! I paint…just feed me. Who is fiddling with my painting

They did not give me feet to control me. They are jealous of my painting.
Delving out small quantities for me to express…Where is my freedom? I am
stuck so I drip.

All works Christopher Wille 2004–

Creative Commons License